Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My daily Preston Blair projects

Well, I've been trying to do at least one of these per day, and then post something about it. In this first group, I'm again building figures with circles and ovals, and utilizing the skeletal form. Contro-posto is essential here and can be used to your advantage in setting up poses.

In the second group, I'm using ovals to construct different character type heads. Notice the positioning of the eyes relative to the horizontal ovals:

And then finally, these other ones have to do with "line of action," that is the direction that the main action takes as it extends through the figure. As Preston Blair himself puts it: "An imaginary line extending thru the main action of the figure is the "line of action" - - plan your figure and it's details to accentuate this line - - by doing so you strengthen the dramatic effect - - the first thing to draw when constructing a figure is the line of action - - then build over that."

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