Wednesday, October 24, 2007

All politics is local

I like it when a local idea morphs into something that can be read nationally (or vice versa). Such was the case with this cartoon, which started life as a local cartoon, and then changed (geographically) into a topic more national in scope. The first use of this image had the kid labeled "sprawl," and this worked for one area of NE Florida where growth seems to be proceeding unabated into the future (Baker County is growing like crazy, and some are against too much growth, too soon). Somewhere along the line, I began to think about the current "adjustments" in rates on adjustable rate mortgages, so you get the image posted here. And that's great, because I can also use it for my syndicated cartoon.

Here's the rough. This will show it as originally drawn. I added the background and night sky on a separate layer, from a separate drawing. I kept it kinda loose and sketchy which I like, and allowed me to work back into it on the Wacom tablet.

Here's the final cartoon as it went to the syndicate. I made the kids eyes a little more sinister to reflect that "bill collector" attitude. Enjoy.

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