Thursday, October 4, 2007

Lotsa Local Stuff

Here's the first of a few local cartoons I'll be posting today. This one deals with the Port Authority decision to allow cruise ships to dock in the historic shrimping town of Mayport, Florida. For years, a little, quaint fishing town, with a 2-lane blacktop road. They seem to think that docking giant 4-story ships here will have little effect on the small town feel. Yeah right.

The rough:

As you can see, I originally just had a cruise ship bombing Mayport. Adding "Port Authority" to the side of the ship and adding a little dialogue beefed it up.

Here's the finished cartoon. My editor seems to think we'll get letters on this one, as everyone from the top down thinks this is just a great idea. I, for one, will miss the days of driving out to Mayport for that sea-town smell and the freshest seafood in NE Florida.


Anonymous said...

Amen! This cartoon says it all. Is it for sale? I would really like to get a copy to frame.


Ed Hall said...

Sure it's for sale. Contact me off the blog at

Cheers & thanks!