Thursday, October 11, 2007

All you Hillary fans, hide your eyes

First Syndicated cartoon of the week. I told you I save all my spit for Thursdays & Fridays!

Here's the rough. Originally I just had "Democracy" on one side and "Socialism" on the other. For history's sake I've included the important influences. Here's an MSNBC article that sparked this cartoon; although I've been considering doing something on this for quite some time:

Her graduate thesis, which was sealed during Bill's Presidency, is now available for all to read (FYI, Alinsky is mentioned on every single page).

Here's the finished cartoon. I used busts of Jefferson and Alinsky. More effective I think. I was also going to flip this image to make it appear she's leaning "left," then I realized that she IS leaning to HER left, so I left it alone. BTW, if you don't know who Saul Alinsky is, and you're planning on voting for Hillary, you might want to Google him. He's had a direct influence on both top Democratic candidates.

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