Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Crab Shell Helmet Head

Huh? It's just the start of another developing character. I wanted somehow incorporate that crab shell from brunch a couple of days ago (see below) into an illustration. Here's the first sketches in that direction. I also wanted to take a second to highlight my new Moleskine. What a GREAT sketchbook! I love it. I still haven't decided whether I want this helmet to sit atop his head or if he'll be looking through the original eye holes that the crab used. Either way, I'm kinda excited to see where this one goes.


One other thing that I've invested in lately is a new digital camera. These images were taken with that. A Canon PowerShot SD750. I've just started using it, but so far, what an awesome piece of equipment! It also shoots video, so that should improve as well.

The Moleskine sketchbook has a nifty little pocket built into the back to store loose sketches, etc. And the elastic band keeps junk from falling out. Really nice.

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