Monday, October 8, 2007

Not in my backyard!

Here's my take on a recent dust-up over a proposed 500 bed jail to be built adjacent to (2) subdivisions and an elementary school in downtown Macclenny. Needless to say, the residents aren't too keen on this idea. It didn't help that during the last LPA (Land Planning Agency) meeting one of the Agency members told the residents they were being too "emotional" on this subject. Yeah, that's gonna go over REAL well...

Anyhoo, here's the rough:

And here's the finished drawing. I decided to change the lady's name to "Betty," a nice southern name (*Cartooning FYI: "Gladys" doesn't look like an immediately recognizable name in type). I also took out the thug's name all together. It was distracting, and too ethnic. I really wanted this guy to seem like he could be black or white. One other thing you might notice is my note to myself to make sure I remembered to make her wig fly off!

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