Monday, October 22, 2007

Sketchin' at the Restaurant

Here's something that caught my eye over the weekend, and I think I might try to incorporate it into my next character design. This shell was pretty cool looking, and I thought it would make a really spiffy warrior's helmet with the spikes and all. We'll see. I took a few photos and then sketched it for 3-dimensionality.


Here's the sketches first. I find it interesting that whenever I see something I want to sketch, I never seem to have a sketchbook around. I borrowed some sheets from my friend's "Things to do" notebook and drew on the back. Then I immediately went out and bought a Moleskine sketchbook; the perfect size for making these little doodles. If you're an artist, and you don't know what a Moleskine is, you might want to try one out sometime. They are VERY well made to exacting specifications and come in all different sizes, styles and paper weights. Not only that, but they are available at Barnes & Noble. Now let's see if I remember to take it along with me next time!


Here's the photos. Mmmmm....Blue Crabs....tasty! I think what made me think of using this as a helmet was how the top looks like the top of a skull, with it's undulations and imperfections, cracks and lumps. Interesting.

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