Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Local cartoon #1

Seems the School Board wants to limit the number of school bus stops in the county. These reductions are based on physical measurements from the schools to each individual stop. The only problem is, some are measuring from the front gate of the school, while others are measuring from the front doors. You know we're all in trouble when the School Board spends the balance of their meeting discussing the intricacies of measurement techniques, measuring devices, formulas, and equations.

Here's the rough:

And here's the finished cartoon. Not much changed. I did add a rolling device, and a sextant in case they want to measure "by sea."
I had fun drawing this. The more mechanical objects I can squeeze into a cartoon, the better. I also had fun coming up with a name for this device. "Wizajama" just seemed to have the right ring to it.

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