Tuesday, October 2, 2007

More syndicate stuff

Here's one for my syndicate that I really enjoyed doing. I think I might have found a new wrinkle working with layers and new custom brushes and screens.

The rough was flipped for obvious reasons (we read left to right):. I also had to adjust his hair, and decided to re-write and edit the type. Notice my note to myself to change it to Khrushchev's famous "bury you" tirade. This idea came from hearing someone on the Sunday morning talk shows refer to the situation between the U.S. and Iran as another Cold War. Which is kinda what it is.

The majority of the detail work you see here was done with brushes in photoshop. I may also start doing my sketches directly in Photoshop as I acclimate myself to working on the Wacom tablet. I will say that it is coming a lot easier now that I've developed some skills. Here's the finished cartoon.
Note: Drawing Ahmadinejad is almost as fun as saying his name three times fast.

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