Thursday, October 18, 2007

Local, local, local

A whole lotta regional stuff this week. Here's my fourth local cartoon in the last three days. Actually it's my fifth, but since one was a recycle, technically it's my fourth. Anyhoo, I wanted to do a Halloween themed "local" cartoon, and this one focuses on all of the phobias floating around St. Johns County right now. My good buddy Clay Jones is creating a list of Halloween themed cartoons over on his blog, but because this one is local, and he never reads any of this, he'll miss it.
Here's the background stories:

1). A Red Tide (Algae Bloom) has swept onto our area beaches. You can't even get close to the ocean without sneezing & hacking. It's killing fish and making people very ill.

2). The City Commission is now on it's 4th attempt to create Adult Entertainment Zones within the city limits. Needless to say, it's having trouble making everyone happy with the locations.

3). And, the homeless problem continues to plague city officials, merchants and residents.

Here's the rough. I added some dead fish in the bucket on his head, and a neon XXX sign hanging from the lamp post. Other than that it stayed pretty much the same. I also like the fact that he's wearing fishnets and heels...snuck that one in there...tee hee...

Oh, I also eliminated the sign hanging around his neck. I find when you have too much writing in a cartoon, it forces the viewer's eye to have to jump around too much. It can get distracting, so I always try to take out as much superfluous stuff as possible.

Here's the finished cartoon. I kinda like it.

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