Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Debate sketches

I sketched a bit last night during the debates. These guys really didn't say too much different than the last time. I was struck though by how much McCain repeated himself. I counted, and I think he said "my friends" at least 30 times? His talking points are getting pretty old. At least it sounds like Obama has a plan for our country, not just the same old, slam and denounce, and label as liberal. Come on John, don't you realize those techniques don't work anymore? The good thing is that Obama always seems to rise above it all.
I like this drawing of both candidates. I do think that as this thing goes along, in my mind at least, Obama is getting bigger/taller/more statuesque while McCain is getting smaller/tinier/more cynical. Not good for McCain. This sketch is a genesis for something along these lines. Stay tooned!

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