Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Posting this again

Here's a Barack Obama walk cycle that I did at the beginning of the year - back when I thought I was going to get into Flash animation more heavily. For some reason I thought I might post it again in hopes that it will inspire me to continue, and do some more political animations. The learning curve is pretty steep in Flash, but now that I've done this, maybe I can move on to more complex animations. This is the look I'd like to see in more animations these days. The classic Chuck Jones model, only political. The problem is, most animators are too lazy to learn the basic fundamentals, so it just looks like a rarefied flip book. There are exceptions, and I shouldn't spout of too much until my stuff gets a little more along, but short, to the point, classically animated snippets are what we need in the field of editorial cartooning. OK, I'll slowly slide my soapbox back under the bed now.

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