Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday *digital* sketch class

I decided to bring my laptop to class today and draw on the Wacom tablet. I feel pretty good about the results, although I'm still fighting with the operating system a bit (stupid Vista!). I don't think Photoshop CS3 likes Vista, because I keep crashing mid-drawing. I finally started saving every 5 minutes or so, but I did lose at least one full drawing today. Anyway, I'm going to post just a few of the 3 minute gestures. I also had a couple of interesting longer poses. Here's everything. Comments welcome.

Everything you see here was drawn directly from life on a Wacom tablet. I did work back into the last couple of drawings in Photoshop when I got home, but not too much.

I wanted to push the darks in this next drawing.
It was pretty dark from my side of the room, so I looked for the heavy shadows to build the form.

I really like drawing from this model. She has a classical form, holds a pose like a stone, and always makes me look good.

For once, it looks like everything is clickable. So click on each drawing to see more detail. Enjoy, and let me hear form you!


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Hemal Patel said...

Hey Ed, I've been checking out some of your recent cartoons and they are hilarious, I especially like the McCain ones. That 1 hour pose you did today in PS turned out really well, I'm going to try and bring my laptop and Wacom next Sunday. See you then! Have a nice week.