Friday, October 31, 2008

Published in Stern

I found out last night that Germany's most read news and lifestyle magazine STERN (15 million visitors monthly on it's website) has published one of my cartoons. Which makes me think of one of my favorite Norm McDonald lines... "Germans LOVE Ed Hall." Actually he said "Germans Love David Hassellhoff." I guess he's OK too.

Anyway, it's this cartoon that they published, which is kinda cool seeing as it looks like he's gonna be our next President. Some of my colleagues have been concerned that we could conceivably have trouble "going after" a President Obama, to which I reply: he's a politician! Trust me, he'll do something stupid!
Anyway, I had to go to to get the heading translated from German to English, But here's what they put under the cartoon:
What comes? If it concerns in Barrack Obama a telegenen Showstar, that only bl├╝merant speaks, the sweet woods raspelt, like in the cartoon of Ed hall (USA) - and like it an age old New-yorker-cartoon already once a candidate into the mouth put has: I promise you that I will be just as charming after my choice, like previously!
I think what that means is he will continue his flowery prose even after being elected. And if that's how they saw it, then they got it. Which is a relief. I'd hate to disappoint the Germans.


Craig Zablo said...

Great cartoon. Glad to see it receive the recognition!

Anonymous said...

Hey it's Rachelle from figure drawing on Sunday. Look forward to following your blog! You have some pretty awesome stuff.

Congratulations on this!