Friday, October 17, 2008


I should have known that 15 other cartoonists might have this same idea. Sure enough, this morning I've seen several John The Plumber cartoons (although, I will say, I'm the only one who actually put him in the toilet). Anyway, when this happens in the cartooning business we call it a Yahtzee, and I hate to be involved in one. I hate it because it means that either I just drew the first thing that popped into my head, or i was too lazy to think the idea out to it's logical conclusion, or that I forgot that because it was such an obvious idea EVERYONE might do it, or all of the above. Whatever the case, here's my contribution to today's editorial cartooning Yahtzee. BTW, I'll be really glad when John McCain is gone. I hate drawing him.
More stuff later.

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Azmi said...

Hahahah...Ed, i totally understand what you feel. But, is it such fun to draw someone you don't like into somthing like this?c'mon, it helps to express dislike right? I wish i can Draw human face well so i can do such joke!