Thursday, October 30, 2008

Last syndicate cartoon of the week

I don't know about you, but I've often marveled at the sheer volume of automobiles that are produced in this country every day, and wondered what would happen if no one showed up to buy them. Looks like that's finally happening. It also looks like GM is attempting a merger with Chrysler in hopes of saving it's rotting carcass. We'll see if that works, or if Chrysler "bites." Don't forget to give me a shout, or sign up as a follower of my blog. It's pretty pathetic when I look down there (see bottom of this page) and only one person is following me. Snort!

Oh well, Happy weekend!



The Other Doctor said... guilted me into it, Ed. I'm following the blog.
Congratulations! A 100% increase in one day!
(pretty soon that may be what the Dow Jones claims, he said cynically)
R.P.M. Hart

Ed Hall said...

Thanks RPM - glad to have you aboard. Now tell all your friends!