Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Sketch Class

So we had drawing class today, and we drew from a model that we'd never had before. I wasn't that crazy about that, OR about what I had produced until I got them home (into Photoshop) and started to work back into them. By doing this, I realized two things. First, I can do everything in Photoshop (and more) that I can do with a pad and charcoal, and secondly, I think I'd like to do more work directly on a Wacom tablet in class. The last time I tried this it was a debacle, as Photoshop crashed and I lost a few drawings. But by working directly in the computer I feel as though I'm progressing, and using ALL tools at my disposal to create stuff that looks traditional and different at the same time. You guys be the judge. Enjoy. - Ed

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