Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Sketch Class

We had sketch class today, and when I got these drawings back home and into Photoshop, I was able to experiment a bit with them. This first one, I would call one of those beautiful mistakes that happen sometimes when you're trying something totally different. Here, I was trying to do a fill, and accidentally created a patterning across the figure that I really liked. So I left it, and worked back into the drawing with some black and defined the feet more because they were in the front. I also tilted the drawing board when I photographed this, to emphasize the low perspective and dramatic foreshortening (click on the image to see the larger, more graphic patterning in the image).


Here's another one that I worked back into, but this time with a little more definition to my line. I'm really starting to enjoy inking in Photoshop now. One of my cartoonist friends was asking me if this was helping my cartoon inking, and I'd have to say yes.

Usually, I put my gesture drawings first in the post, but I think that today, I'll sprinkle them throughout.

I also wanted to do something that I had done last week - take a gesture drawing and ink over it to create a more stylized image. I'll post the gesture and the final drawing.

I like this last drawing too. After 3 hours, I was finally able to get her body proportions down. She was a good model, and I enjoyed drawing her. More cartoons next week. Let me hear form you!


Ben said...

Hey Ed, nice meeting you.
I like the way you're exploring perspective on some of the figure studies.

I look forward to seeing today's work.

Bruce said...

I came here from's links, and it's pretty impressive. The one effect that strikes me as being new (to me) is turning the fine art nude drawing into a contemporary comic by the inking and coloring. Pretty interesting.

iz said...

I love Your Sunday Sketch class blog and would like to subscribe to it.
It would be interesting to see your original drawings as well before you used Photoshop-before and after.What size are the drawings

krystyna81 said...

great drawings...I love the idea of manipulating them in a totally different way...