Friday, October 17, 2008

PBS - 9 to 5 interview re-released locally

Here's an interview with yours truly that was taped at the end of last year, in which I discuss what I do as an Editorial Cartoonist. This was from a series of interviews entitled 9 to 5, which offer a glimpse inside the lives of Jacksonville professionals with interesting professions. The interview aired last night on our local PBS affiliate WJCT. I knew something was up because I started getting phone calls and emails from friends saying, "Hey man, turn on the TV! You're on TV!" Previously it had only been available as a podcast at the WJCT website, but I guess they finally decided to release it over the airwaves.

I must give a huge "shout out" to the videographer, Stephen Jones. What a talented guy. Heck, if you can make me look & sound good, you MUST be doing something right! Enjoy.

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