Monday, October 27, 2008

Sunday Sketch

We had a male model this Sunday; and a pretty good one at that. He held his poses well, and was able to do a reclining pose for 90 minutes at the end of class. I'm not gonna comment too much on these, as I was experimenting with some different techniques during class (ink wash mostly). I did manage to work back into a couple of them in Photoshop.

The long pose is the pencil drawing at the bottom of this post. Enjoy.

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Maxnix said...

Hey Ed, As I am getting ready to pose for the evening drawing class at RCC, I came across your blog. I am very excited by your drawings as they are giving me a lot of ideas for poses. I am pretty good at holding poses. (I held one last week for a total of 6 hours, with breaks, of course). I do need some inspiration for the longer poses, though, because I tend to do very difficult ones that when they last more than 10 minutes become very challenging. Anyway your drawings are showing me that they don't all have to be physically challenging to be interesting. I use to do a lot of life drawing and I find your approach very elucidating as well. If you have any tips for either model or drawing artist, pass them along. Thanks for sharing.